What is the meaning of the tarot card Justice in a love reading? Help?

What is the meaning of the tarot card Justice in a love reading? Help?
I did a reading on an ex of mine and me, and the other cards were very good, but I don’t know how to read the tarot card Justice and the house it was in, “What is the true potential for the relationship?” Most meanings, seeing as we are both single, is we will get back, but I’m not sure. And yes, nothing is set in stone, I knowww. ;] So if anyone can define justice with the meaning of the question, it’d be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

Suggestion by Martin S

Oddly enough the danger of tarot cards is admitted within the ranks of tarot card readers themselves. The readers cannot explain how the tarot readings work, and the decision to use a particular system in reading the cards is entirely a matter of the personal preference of the reader. In other words, two readers could read the same spread of cards and come up with entirely different interpretations of those cards. Tarot card readers also say that the tarot can only provide a static “photograph” of a situation, and that our own choices and actions determine our future-not the cards. If this is the case, why use the tarot cards at all?

Tarot Cards: No Hope for the Future
Tarot cards represent the fact that we all want to know what the future has in store for us. One could argue that it’s actually commendable to want to make good decisions in the present based on our knowledge of the future. However, since the future hasn’t happened yet, there is no power here on earth that can tell us what’s in store. In order to have a hope for the future and gain the wisdom to make sound decisions now, we must tap into the power of the Creator of the universe – the only One who knows our future – God. Your future is written in the pages of God’s Word, the Bible; and God never changes, and His Word is not open to multiple interpretations. So, rather than basing your actions on a deck of cards and betting your future on the whims of card readers who admit that “nothing is written in stone,” why not place your trust in the unchangeable God who wants to be personally involved in your future.

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Suggestion by Stella
A friend of mine who reads Tarot said it could simply mean that all your karma has now been balanced and that you no longer have a reason to be together any more, or that will be so in the future. :) Not all relationships are meant to last forever, some just exist to teach us something.

Suggestion by Matt
Hi there,
Reading just that card in the context of the question, I would say that balance is the key to any outcome that you may have with your ex. This balance will involve being openly honest with each other and sharing mutual respect. If you can maintain this balance of respect and honesty you will put yourselves in a better place to connect in a relationship whether it is platonic or romantic.

Hope this has been of some help to you. :)

love tarot card reading

What does this tarot card reading mean? regarding a love relationship?
What does this tarot card reading mean? regarding a loved one?
Recent Past=2 of Swords:

Situation- the devil:

challenges= Queen of Wands:

Near future=Page of Cups:

Love advice= The Sun:

the loved one= The Hermit:

issues= the Knight of Cups

Suggestion by My Take on It
2 of swords could be talking about either having to make a choice OR being blinded by something
Devil can be feeling tied to a situation, and thinking you cannot get out of it, but, that is all in your mind and of your own making; it can also be eluding to a relationship that is based on physical rather than emotional/spiritual
Queen of Wands refers to a woman fiery in nature who has some impact on the question; possibly is a hindrance or a help in the relationship
Page of Cups is usually a message of some sort; communication
Sun tells you to look at the good the positive
The Hermit would be someone who is either hiding something or not being fully vulnerable/expressive
Knight of Cups in this instance is probably not a person per se, but the issue at hand: perhaps wanting more love, emotion, and knowing where you stand with this relationship/person. Could also show how you would like to see the person act.

Suggestion by hikarihime9029
2 of Swords means that you are metally blocked. You have a decision to make and you don’t know what to do. Because this card is in the recent past, it means that you have already made the decision or that your mental block has now past and you can clearly make a positive desicion without regret that it was the wrong decision.

The devil card can often mean that you are in a situation or involved in a person that is depressing you, beating you up, and dragging you down, but we are often too blind to see it for what the situation or that person really is all about. Because the heart and head can be blind, this will also open the doors for addiction. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or even a person. Also, the devil represents primal male instinct which can mean an increase in your sex life. And this isn’t just any kind of sex. This isn’t “making love.” This is hot lustful passionate dirty sex hee hee ^^.

The queen of wands is usually relating to a female. This card could be you or your loved one. This queen usually represents a go getter type female. Very busy and very active in the community or in her job. Also, she can be very hot tempered. Because the queen of wands represents female energy and in relation to the devil card being sex, this could also mean that you are pregnant and that is the challenge for you.

Page of cups is simply a message of love. You may find a new lover, or getting engaged or married… or having a baby. o_O In relation to the fact that you have the devil and the queen of wands in the same spread.. I would put money on that you or someone involved in the situation is pregnant or will become pregnant very soon.

The sun is the most positive card you can get in the deck. It is happy and bright. It means that you should always think positive and take only the good out of a no so good situation. Because you got this card for love advice, I think it means that you should hear all of the advice you can and take the positive from it. People are giving you very useful advice and you should definitely take it.

The hermit means that you need to take care consideration for the choice that you are about to make. So it is good that you are asking for advice which is good because of the sun card! In regards to this loved one, you really need to think about him. Are you making the right decision? Because you got the devil card, you may not be thinking clearly. You should definitly ask for more advice specifically about this loved one and take special care when deciding about him.

The knight of cups means that romance is coming your way. This person is the most romantic person you will ever find. Wait, let me ask you this: Are you dating someone, but you think you might have found someone else? Or maybe your loved one has found someone else or has feelings popping up for someone else.

Wow, you have alot of things going on in your love life! If you want me to give you a private reading to see if we can sort some of this out, I would be glad to do so for you. Feel free to email me!

love tarot card reading

e were friends w/ benefits im 25 hes 29 he would be so affectionate and EXTREMLY passonite we knew each other for almost a month .i know for a fact that he liked me alot he contacted me everyday for a few weeks then just stopped talking to me for 1 week .i think it had to do with the fact that maybe i said something wrong or maybe he thought i was taking him too seriously previous to him ignoring me for that week? i gave him his space then he IMD me later saying its better we part ways that same day i sent an email saying im sad its over i liked him but i wont bother him again and i never contacted him…we were very sexually compatible and enjoyed eachothers company i felt that he wanted more but always held back …i have not contacted him at all since he changed his mind about us 12 days ago…..yes i know this is crazy and desperate but im sick of always being alone ive been alone for years..wether or not i play it cool with a guy or tell him the truth they always leave me even when i know we like each other (and no im not delusional im just fed up and sad with being alone no matter what

so should i do a love spell on my own , with a certified or powerful person or have a tarot reading done for me to see an outcome about ANY love ?LEASE PLEASE dont tell me not to do it OR DONT JUDGE ME or if youre skeptical/non believer keep your thoughts to yourself thanks

Suggestion by Maryiem1977
Love spells shouldn’t be done for personal gain. Tarot card readings cost lots of money nad you donot know if the “psychic” is telling you the truth. If he truly likes you then he’ll return on his own, if not then he’s not worth it,

Suggestion by vegan zombie
Love spells should not be taken lightly. They take control of the other person and influence them in a way that is foreign to their nature. If the affected person discovers that they are being controlled the outcome can be very dangerous ranging from extreme hostility too not caring for you at all. If you honestly care for this person i would advise just interacting with them on a personal and emotional level and let it evolve it is safer that way and you also get the genuine article anything else is a fabrication

Suggestion by wilds_of_virginia
T j….

Torn apart by loneliness, uncertainty, and guilt…

Your FWB was getting in over his head. The sex was great, but he was developing feelings for you and that scared him off. He wanted to keep it purely physical, but it was becoming more despite his best efforts. The relationship grew, and he wanted out. He’s gone.

I could give you a tarot reading, but there is no point, really. The sex was great, but he wasn’t ready for the love. That’s what happened. Sorry.

Think back to how he acted toward the end. See if these words ring true. I know you are hurting and want a particular outcome, but if this is true, you will know it in your heart once you look back at the situation. If this is true, no spell will get him back. He left because he loved you, and didn’t want to get tangled up emotionally.

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